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AlvaSweet Itch Controller

For the love of the horse we go to great lengths to source and continually use only the very best ingredients for AlvaSweet

Applied regularly to the roots of the affected area,AlvaSweet can greatly improve the quality of life for itching horses.

This truly amazing product can be used on all breeds and colours to help soothe itching and reduce the suffering caused by midges, gnats and flies.

For an even happier horse, we recommend you use AlvaTeaTree Medicated Shampoo before the first application and at least once a month thereafter

For bad cases with Minor Open Wounds, Cuts & Sores use AlvaMiracle – Horse Cream


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Please see below to read what our customers have to say:

I just wanted to Thank you for creating such a fantastic product!

I have a five year old welsh pony that has sweet itch.

Last year I was very close to having her put to sleep as her skin was in such a bad way and I had tried hundreds of products hoping to make her more comfortable.

Nothing worked and many seemed to make her itch more. She was miserable and suffering.

I purchased some of your sweet itch controller at the royal welsh show as I had not tried it before and anything was worth a try.

I was amazed. She is looking fantastic and im really pleased.

I would recommed this product to anyone who has a pony suffering with sweet itch!

Brilliant product that saved my ponys life and put an end to her suffering. Thank you so much!

Sophie Aziz

"ALVASWEET itch controller - worked really well."
J Smith, Far Forest, Wors

"Itching? - great stuff."
K Robbins, Oldbury

"ALVASWEET itch controller I have found this product better than any other at stopping itching."
Fiona Hudson, Nr Sheffield

"We stock your products in our saddlery and have excellent feedback, especially on the itch controller ALVASWEET."
H Hammond, Retack Saddlery

"Brill, best stuff to stop itching!"
Miss E Cater, Bossingham, Lincoln

"ALVASWEET itch controller was great on my horse. ALVAMIRACLE Cream is fantastic."
Sally Moffatt, Sheffield

"ALVASWEET itch controller - good thank you."
Sarah Punnett, Felindre, Swansea

"ALVASWEET itch controller - it really works, easy to wash, leaves no sticky residue - we now sell it in our shop!!!"
Rita Griggs, Syston, Leicester

"Itching?- ALVASWEET itch controller definitely works!"
Caroline McKain, Aldridge, Walsall

"ALVASWEET itch controller is the most effective product I have found for itching."
Margaret McEddie, Upton,St Leanards, Glos

"ALVASWEET Itch Controller is the only one we’ve found that works. Brilliant."
Jo Bentall, Welland, Worc

"I used ALVASWEET itch controller it solved the problem within 3 days. The show range is incredible, don't use anything else."
Tim Smith, Gunnes, Scunthorpe

"Absolutely Fantastic, wouldn’t think of using anything else. ALVASWEET itch controller."
Paula Corrigan, Grays, Essex

"Stops my dressage horse looking like a pony! ALVASWEET itch controller."
Tracey Forres, Werwyn, Herts

"Helped my horses itch. Brilliant stuff."
Jenny Turner, Caerphilly, South Wales

"ALVASWEET itch controller & ALVAMIRACLE cream great products. Helped with itching."
Michelle Barr, Wirral

"ALVASWEET itch controller stopped start of itch on tail."
Jean Candine, Thingwall, Wirral

"Brilliant - ALVASWEET itch controller is a product that works!"
Muriel Gill, Cardigan, Wales

"Excellent ALVASWEET itch controller best product used."
Kathryn Byle, Hyde, Cheshire

"ALVASWEET itch controller really works!"
Jenny Walker, Bolton, York

"ALVASWEET itch controller really does work. Its great!!"
Christine Archer, Wesham, Preston

"ALVASWEET itch controller is excellent really helped my old pony."
Hannah Pinnock, Swindon, Wilts

"Great products. Excellent for itching horses. Wouldn’t use anything else."
Bronia Parking, Whitemoor, St Austell

"Fantastic!! ALVASWEET itch controller."
Julie Clare, Burton Grange, Bowsly

"ALVASWEET itch controller. Brilliant. Use it on manes and tails of horses that have itching problems from midge bites."
Margaret Jones, Welshpool, Powys

"ALVASWEET itch controller. Brilliant. Use it on manes and tails of horses that have itching problems from midge bites."
Rachel Hills, Cilthriew, Kerry, Newton, Powys

"ALVASWEET itch controller works a treat!"
Eunice Hopton, The Grange, Grange Road, Thundersley, Essex

"Really Brilliant. The ALVASWEET itch controller really does work, stops my ponies tail rubbing."
Ms Lynda Knights, Bungay, Suffolk

"Bought ALVASWEET itch controller at HOYS. Returned to buy more at Fyre Oaks"
G Simpin, Bradwell, Derbyshire

"Wouldn’t be without the ALVASWEET itch controller and ALVAFLY biting insect repellent. My horse suffers from itching and these products work wonders on her. I always have a pot of ALVAMIRACLE Cream which I use on my horse for minor cuts and also my daughter (who suffers from mild eczema) for cuts and grazes so to treat myself the ALVAMASSAGE Cream is lovely on my feet!!!! Thanks for the products!"
Sally Eagles, Heswall, Wirral

"Wonderful products, was running out glad the stand was here and new size of ALVASWEET itch controller."
Lorraine Rice Baileys Horse Feeds, http://www.baileyshorsefeeds.co.uk

"Best product used yet! The itch controller ALVASWEET itch controller has really helped control our full Arab’s itching."
Sarah Smith, Leominster, Herefordshire

"ALVASWEET itch controller - sweet product."
Rochelle Newnham, Templass Stud, Clitheroe, Lancs

"ALVASWEET itch controller beats all other products. Excellent."
Sue Truszharsh, Pontypool, Gwent

"Good for itching."
Deborah, Darwen Rd, Bolton

"£250 vet bill to find cause of itching on top show fell pony. No result. ALVASWEET itch controller stopped it straight away."
Samantha Greenwood, St Annes, Lancs

"ALVASWEET itch controller - excellent."
Mrs Wilkes, Thrigby Rd, Filby, Norfolk (Jul-03)

"My horse now has a mane and tail all year round."
Young, South Wraxall, Wiltshire

"Fantastic! I use the itch controller, the fly repellent & cream, they all work miracles."
Sarah Yiend, 1 Barrington Mews

"ALVAMASSAGE Cream - ALVAMIRACLE Cream on my bad back! ALVASWEET itch controller & ALVAFLY biting insect repellent - still working on this itching."
Nicky McCardle, Corston Stud, Essex

"ALVASWEET itch controller -excellent product."
Caroline & Claire, Harsell Common

"ALVASWEET itch controller - Fantastic miracle worker."
Neuaddparc Stud, Cwmrheidol, Aberystwyth

"Very good."
P Thornton, The Paddocks, Clipperfield

"Miracle worked wonders on my cut, works well for humans as well as horses!"
David Farmer, Lodge Farm, Wiltshire

"Mud problem - now gone - Thank you."
Sue Massey, Ashton Keynes, Gloucestershire

"ALVASWEET itch Controller - it really works brilliant."
S South, Hayes, Middlesex

"ALVASWEET itch controller is brilliant!"
Anita Keys, Gwyllan Stud, Radcliffe, Manchester

"ALVASWEET itch controller. Brilliant, stopped rubbing straight away."
Claire Lewis, Thornhill, Cardiff

"ALVASWEET itch controller is very good!"
Chris Benger, 22 Tanybryn, Risca, Gwent

"ALVASWEET Itch Controller - wicked!"
Clare & Donna Sacller, The Cottages, Hobbs Ind Est, Newchapel, Surrey, RH7 6HN

"ALVASWEET itch controller saved the mane of a cob that was itching - definitely the best!"
Jenny Morgan (author "Showing Native Ponies"), Hawthornes, Packwood, Solihull

"Itch controller works brill."
Nadine Marsh, 14 Ivydale, Cardiff

"ALVASWEET itch controller - brilliant product."
Lyn Tovey, The Nodens, Upper Common, Aylourton, Glos

"Couldn’t believe a product could work so quickly. We were proved wrong. Excellent a "miracle". Thanx."
S Benfield, Utterly Horses "Breyermodel Horses"

"ALVASWEET itch controller - very good, helped greatly to stop itching."
K Digby, Crescent, Collier Row, Romford

"Itch Controller. Great!!"
Sarah Eynon, Cwrbin, Kidwelly, Carms

"Very good for sweet itch. ALVAMIRACLE Cream."
Tracey Stevens, Berthorpe Farm, Guildford

"Good product - got a happy filly this year - no itching - Diolch yn Fawr."
Janet Bowen, Stoen House Farm, Maesmawr

"ALVASWEET itch controller - brilliant."
Emma Rodman, Glasgow, Scotland

"ALVASWEET itch controller - excellent for itching horses."
L Thomas, Wortheley

"Brilliant products, thoroughly recommend all of them especially the ALVASWEET itch controller "
Joanne Kaye, Pantycefn, Llanddeusant

"Tried many products but could not believe how well ALVASWEET itch controller works - its great!"
Maria Selby, Bryn Moel, Upper Cwm Twrch

"ALVASWEET itch controller - Best thing I’ve tried on my mare having had an itching problem for 7 years - great."
Mrs Helen Sullivan, Orchard Farm, Lympsham

"ALVASWEET itch controller - Fantastic product - wouldn’t be without it."
Angel Caldercott Evans, Tynynant, Conwy

"ALVASWEET itch controller works a treat for showing horses."
Nadine Marsh, 14 Ivydale, Cardiff

"Very pleased with ALVASWEET itch controller and ALVAFLY biting insect repellent - the best I have used."
Nikki Jones, Plas Hafod, Llansanthraid

"ALVASWEET itch controller - the only product that has worked on my pony."
Chris Williams, Cardiff

"Winner of 2 best turned out at HOYS. ALVASWEET itch controller is best ever."
Tracey Collett, Weston Subedge, Glos

"ALVASWEET itch controller - the best we ever tried."
Doug and Boys, Headly Stables

"Excellent product, has actually worked and saved my fences."
Anagel Leadbetter, Redroofs, Poulton Le Flyld, Lancs

"First year my mare has kept her mane on whilst using the ALVASWEET itch controller."
Rachel Lee, 19 Alton Ave, Staffs

"My coloured cob gets a regular coating of itch controller. Used every so often, he never rubs - very good."
Rachel Morgan, Bryngolau New Inn, Pencader

"ALVASWEET itch controller AND ALVAFLY biting insect repellent work well and quickly."
Jenny & Steve, Webster Furzen Stud, Cheltenham

"ALVASWEET itch controller and ALVAFLY biting insect repellent - brilliant results."
Angela Voyce, Wynbrook Stud, Redmarley, Glos

"ALVASWEET itch controller - thank you my bald ponies now have hair!"
Lisa Cottham, Heathfield, East Sussex

"ALVASWEET itch controller - brilliant really works."
Naomi, Trowbridge, Burgess Hill

"ALVASWEET itch controller - brilliant."
Mrs Newton, Walnut Tree Cottage, Herts

"Very nice and soothing, pleasant to use."
S Ricketts, Hants

"Made an old pony very happy, less itchy, plenty of mane and tail."
N Aggin, Hartnall, Northants

"Our pony has a mane and tail!"
A Paice, Edenbridge

"ALVASWEET itch controller - brilliant for itching horses."
Mandy Mitchell, 37 The Hartlet

"Very good - cleared my mare’s itching from her mane and tail."
Gemma Martin, 5 Bedelands Farm, West Sussex

"We have used ALVASWEET itch controller very good for manes and tails."
Sue Brown, 68 Cae Perllan Rd, Newport

"I use ALVASWEET itch controller, it really works. Also the coat gloss is a must."
Debbie Spring, 40 Ridgeway, Caerphilly

"I haven’t itched at all this summer and shining with it. All I want now is something for the husband!"
Lesley Hillard, Gryngallt, Tir Bwcci, Nantycaws, Carmarthen

"Highly recommended. Especially ALVASWEET itch controller!"
Sandra Allison, Droitwich

Hi Phil
This is a picture of Oliver who has a SEVERE itch in his mane and tail. We have been treating him with ALVASWEET Itch Controller since we met you at the South of England Show about 4 years ago. We have been using ALVASWEET ever since, we think a picture paints a thousand words.
Best regards, Bunty and Patrick Ross,
website - www.parkviewantiques.co.uk

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