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Welcome to the AlvaMLM Affiliate Web Page.

Facebook pages, Website owners and AlvaMLM web page owners can now earn commission from click through AlvaMLM sales.

They simply place our banner on their site and earn from 5% commission on all sales it generates.

If their AlvaMLM Sponsor is an affiliate member they also receive 5%

To become a member visit the Join Now page ? Click Here

If you would prefer to just place our FREE banner on your site, please follow the simple step by step instructions below.

A £20 yearly subscription fee is payable for a personalised AlvaMLM web page.

Step 1: 

Click on the AlvaHorse Banner opposite and fill in the form.
Step 2:

Click 'Join Now'
Step 3:

The form opposite should appear.

Please keep these very safe as you will need them to logon
and request/withdraw money owing to you.

Step 4:

Click on the image opposite to bring it up and enter
the Username and Password previously provided.
Step 5:

When the page opposite appears, click on 'Get links'
Step 6:

When this page appears, copy the link
under the AlvaHorse banner and paste it
into the source section of your website.

You should now be able to see the AlvaHorse logo on your website,
that is linked to our shopping cart.
You will earn at least 5% of all our sales clicked through from it.

Prominent banner placing gives a higher chance of more revenue.


Affiliate's admin area

As an affiliate you will have your own admin area where you can update your personal details.

Pick up the code you need to link to your website and view your statistics here:


Link to our affiliate form:


AlvaHorse Contact:                                                                                                                     

Phil Bowen
Email: phil@alvahorse.co.uk

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